selling cheap duplicate products

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I ordered for ray ban sunglasses online at sosasta.Com.The order was placed on the 23rd of september and as per the online promotion the sunglasses were to be deliverd within 7 days.

So I made the payment online and was waiting for the sunglasses to be delivered on my husband's b'day. And since it didn't get delivered I called their helpdesk and asked them on the status and the answer I received was blunt and rude saying 'the delivery is done in 10 working days and not 7 day'. So I held on with my wait, as days passed after several calls to the helpdesk with no answer or abruptly dropped calls I finally received the sunglasses on oct 14th, 2011. And the thing I received can actually be bought on the road side for 10 rupees and not more than that.

Forget my husband I wouldn't gift that to my maid's kid, as he would wear something as *** as that.

Forget manufacturer warranty, the invoice just said '6 month seller warranty' and the seller/Merchant is delhi based thug company who would never pick up your call or answer you.So ended up paying 1500 for a 10 rupees sunglasses, not sure if anything would be done on this, but I want others to learn a lesson from my experience.



Dear Anon - can you please send me your order details at - we will look into the matter right away and send you a replacement.

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